CASHBUILD General Assistant 2023

· Advise Customers correctly on product

· Assist Customer with any product queries

· Assist with Customer complaints timely

· Add on sales, e.g. paint v/s paint brushes, thinners, etc.

· Ensure efficient Customer service by ensuring that Customers purchases are loaded without any delays

· Ensure Customers purchase are loaded carefully without damaging the goods or the Customers vehicle

· Advise Customers on the additional services provided:

· Delivery service / bulk deposits

· Glass cutting

· Plan reading

· Credit programmes

· Special orders

· Trusses

· Distant ordering

· VIC Customer Programme

· Must be certified in Product Knowledge

· Must be available in aisle of responsibility


· Ensure that your area is free of obstacles, stock is merchandised immediately after being received and that Customers can enter and leave your aisle without any risk of injury or irritation.

· Correct shelf price labelling within area of responsibility.

· Ensure Checklist completed as required when on duty with Canteen and Toilet / Showers schedule

Safety (OHSA) Requirements
Safety (OHSA) compliance (e.g., use of safety gear, ensure Customer, and staff safety) within area of responsibility

· Ensure area of responsibility (racking and bulk) stock merchandised safe to Customers and Colleagues to move safely within Store

· Report any discrepancies to the Store Manager

Ready for Business

· Adhere to Ready for Business and Beyond my Control as per the CB Way

Loss Prevention and Security

· Identify any gaps in the displays, investigate causes and report any concerns to management

· Be aware of suspicious behaviours or people and report any suspicions to management

· No product to be loaded for a Customer without proof of purchase or required documentation

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