RDP House Application Form Online

How To Apply For a RDP House Easily

RDP House statistics show that almost 20% of South African households consist of people living in government subsidised homes.

It therefore seems that the RDP housing system is a real solution for many people in South Africa, who do not earn enough to qualify for a normal home loan, to have in their own homes.

While this may be providing a solution for many, the waiting lists for RDP housing is significantly large & the quality of these type of low cost houses is often below standard with thin walls & leaking roofs with most of these type of complaints coming from the Western, Eastern & Northern Cape provinces.

However attention is being given to these issues by the authorities so it is definitely worth applying if you qualify.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as that, as to get an RDP housing application approved, the applicant may not earn more than a certain amount (R3000 per month) which means that people who earn more than the maximum to qualify for an RDP house but less than the required amount to qualify for a home loan, will have a difficult time in getting financing to buy any sort of house.


RDP Housing Application – Quick & Easy

RDP Housing Application

Start your RDP housing application by contacting your ward councillor in your area.

To get your RDP house you will need to provide them with all the necessary documentation such as ID documents, proof of income etc.

RDP House Application Form Online

Apply For RDP House Online

You can apply for a RDP house online in Cape Town, Durban or anywhere else in South Africa.

How Do I Check My Housing Status?

To check your RDP house online or to check your housing status you have these options.

  • Call 0800 146 873 to check your RDP housing status.
  • To check your RDP house online you can go to your municipality’s website to follow up on your RDP house.

RDP House Waiting List

Just remember that after you’ve registered for your RDP house, your name will on the RDP waiting list for houses in Gauteng.

You’ll also be on the provincial housing need register, & housing demand database, so that as &when housing projects are completed, hopefully your name will be included in those who are allocated a house.

It must be noted that since there are different housing programmes Government uses to address the national housing backlog, there are a few exceptions to the rules, including:

  1. To qualify for GAP housing, the combined monthly income of a household must not exceed R15 000.
  2. Pensioners are exempt from supplying proven financial dependants.
  3. Under 18 years applicant in marriage are exonerated by virtue of marriage.
  4. People who have received housing assistance elsewhere in South Africa are exonerated in the social/rental housing, provided they meet the requirements for such social/rental housing.

RDP Housing Application

To get a house, you need to start the RDP housing application process which begins by visiting Your Nearest Municipality Housing Unit. Necessary documentation such as ID documents, proof of income etc will be required throughout this process.

All applicants will be screened and the successful candidates will then be identified.

There are processes to be followed and a long waiting list for these homes; it is therefore best to educate yourself on the application process before you get started.