Internal real estate agent


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We are looking for ambitious young people with talent and passion, who would like to start a successful career in the real estate industry. Engel & Völkers can offer you the best prospects from the start. As an in-house agent, you will benefit from professional entry-level as well as advanced training combined with innovative tools and services for maximum efficiency and flexibility – all thanks to our exclusive platform – plus outstanding earning potential. Start today and send your CV and motivation letter to

What are the Basic Requirements to be a qualified estate agent?

The intern estate agent needs to complete the 12-month internship of being mentored by a professional and experienced estate agent. This requirement will ensure that the intern is provided with a personal record of all practical tasks completed and experience gained at the workplace.

  • The intern is expected to complete and maintain a logbook in which accomplished activities are recorded and signed-off by the principal/mentor/coach/supervisor assigned to assist and provide the intern estate agent with logistical support during the internship period.
  • There will be no exemptions granted for completing the internship or the logbook.

The intern estate agent must complete their FETC (the Further Education and Training Certificate) in Real Estate at level NQF 4 through with an accredited provider and receive a certificate of competence from Services SETA (the Services Sector Education and Training Authority)

  • This qualification has 150 credits, equating to 1 500 notional hours (study hours needed to complete the course).
  • It is possible to combine the FETC NQF 4 qualification and the internship so that the intern estate agent can work on these two aspects of the qualification simultaneously, as long as they have completed at least 8 months of their internship.
  • If the intern holds any degrees or diplomas in certain areas, it is possible to apply for and be exempt from completing the FETC.

Lastly, an intern must also write and pass the Professional Designate Exam (PDE) after they have been found competent by Services SETA in their NQF Level 4 portfolio of evidence.

  • The PDE 4 must be passed within 2 years from the date of the first issue to the intern estate agent of an intern fidelity fund certificate; it grants the intern estate agent a status upgrade to a full-status non-principal estate agent.
  • No exceptions will be granted from writing the PDE exam.

If an agent wants to extend their education further to become a principal and run their own business, they must be competent in NQF level 5 and PDE level 5.

It will take between 2-3 years for an intern estate agent to complete the whole process and 3-4 years for a principal. An intern agent may sell property in the meantime, but no legal documentation – mandates or contracts – may be signed off without the presence of the principal or full-status agent. Professional, registered designations are as follows – PPRE – Professional Practitioner in Real Estate (PDE 4) and MPRE – Master Practitioner in Real Estate (PDE 5).