These 9 House Republicans Voted To Deny Formula To Poor Babies

There were nine House Republicans who voted to deny babies in lower-income households baby formula.

The nine House Republicans should come as no surprise:

The legislation ensures access to more baby formula to the Women Infants and Children program, also known as WIC. Speaker Pelosi noted before the vote that half of the baby formula sold in the United States is purchased through the WIC program, so a great way to ease the shortage would be to make more funding and formula available through WIC.

The nine House Republicans who voted against formula for lower-income babies are also supporters of the coup to overturn the 2020 election and have been supportive of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Republicans claim that Trumpism is freedom, but it is actually an ideology that justifies starving babies. MAGA supports baby-killing through starvation, which is no different from Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China.

Authoritarians starve their people, and the nine House Republicans who voted against baby formula for lower-income babies demonstrated what authoritarian ideology looks like in the United States.